Step 1. Preparation

1. Watch a full video clip until a top timer is over [see arrow #1]. Memorize phrases and words [see arrow #2].
2. When you will be ready click the big green button [see arrow #3].
3. If the timer runs out before you press the button, the game will start automatically.

Step 2. Game

1. Watch and listen to a video clip. Write down a phrase #2 into textarea #3 inserting missing symbols.
2. Designation of the type of missing symbols you can find in the legend [see arrow #4].
3. When you will be ready click the big blue button [see arrow #5]. The game's progress you can see in the top of play area [see arrow #1].

Step 3. Finish and resumption

1. After watching a full video clip and a game's start you can disrupt and resume game any time you want.
2. To resume the game open your profile page (in top right menu) and click the last game [see the image below].

3. When you'll finish the game you can see the game results page [see the image below]. Here there are the game statistics, results, your current score and progress. Your current level, score and game statistics you always can find above the profile image in the profile page [see the image above].

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