Frequently Asked Questions

We allow to post videos on a fair-use base (article 1274 of the Civil Code in Russia), which means it is possible to use them ‘for educational purposes’ unless the rightholder stated otherwise. If rightholders decide to claim their videos back, they send a request and we fulfill it. In Russian Federation, almost nobody has the rights for videos in the original or japanese voice.
Write your claim, backed its constitutive documents and send it to the email We will review it within 24 hours and take action.
We will be happy to receive it on or in our official facebook community
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Please, check the Spam folder or request an email once more. If this does not help, contact us:
In order to change your password please enter your login on this page and click “Reset password”. After that you’ll get an email with all the necessary instructions.
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Currently, only some content is free, but as soon as we reach 300 paid subscribers on patreon - all content will be free
If you want to subscribe, please, log in to your account. Then click “Subscription” button in the top of the site. After you do that, you should get to this page Then follow the instructions.
Please, check that you are logged into your paid account.
In the upper right corner of the screen there is a switch ("EN", "JA" or "RU") with inverted small triangle, click on it and select your language
We do not have automatic renewal of subscriptions. We take a negative view of this, especially since soon the content will become completely free

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